In 1962-63 Scott attempted to report from  Cuba four different times.
He was able to enter Cuba the first time in June of 1962 and that report can be read here

Below is a series of articles he wrote from Jamaica on his second try, in November 1962, where he was waiting for the go-ahead to enter Cuba and was eventually turned away. 

He tried to return again in January of 1963 and was  turned away again, filing from Mexico City. 

Finally, in May 1963 he was able to enter for a longer amount of time and that series of articles can be read here. 

November 7, 1962

November 8, 1962

November 9, 1962

November 13, 1962

November 14, 1962

November 15, 1962

November 16, 1962

Letters to the Editor

November 16, 1962

December 14, 1962

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