Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

The business model of Mary Fowles Photo/Video stands firmly on a belief in the importance of social responsibility.  In our small way we are working towards a better world; a world with less poverty, inequality, violence, discrimination, and hardship. Our main areas of focus are with inner city youth transitioning into adulthood in Kingston Jamaica. 

We have donated equipment to numerous youth in order to increase their employability and their opportunities in the work force, and to expand upon their creative abilities and potentials.  

We operate on the basis of the following principles: 

  • Every youth has unique skills and interests that have value.  With the right support they can attain their career goals.
  • Encouragement is the key to success.

Why Kingston Jamaica? 

To find out more about the history of our work in Kingston Jamaica and how we came to operate there please read our Business History

The reason this company has chosen to support Jamaican youth: 

  • Kingston has one of highest violent crime rates in the world and is in a state of homicide crisis 
  • Inner-city youth, primarily boys, are disproportionately affected by gun violence 
  • Inner city youth disproportionately experience the hardships of poverty 
  • Inner city youth have barriers to employability such as literacy training and access to computers 
  • Inner city youth deserve a fair chance to reach their career goals and creative potentials

Nuff said.

For further reading on the crisis facing inner city Jamaican inner city youth please click here

Donated items 


Portraits and Style offers mentorship to youth transitioning into the work force through the following volunteer support services: 

  • Skills training and mentorship in photography and videography
  • Resume writing
  • University-level mentorship in essay writing and editing
  • Job interview coaching

Emergency Funds

Cash donations are sometimes needed for: 

  • Police records check (a requirement for entry into many jobs) - $60
  • Uniform or supplies (a requirement for entry into many jobs) - $100
  • Dental (a requirement for entrance into some jobs) -$120
  • Transportation (to and from a job interview) - $25
  • Job support materials (printing of resumes) - $25

Donors and Partners

Private Donors

  • 2021 - Trina Ferguson - Donation of three phones and a laptop -thank you Trina! 
  • 2018 - Sarah Gadon - Mentorship
  • 2018 - Sam Miller - Tech support, research, and development
  • 2018 - Jill Fowles - Donation towards the purchase of a laptop, and a cash emergency fund donation
  • 2018 - Jim Fowles - Donation towards the purchase of a laptop and the donation of 2 Canon cameras

Company Donations 

  • Free Geek Vancouver - Donation of two Mac laptops
  • Long and McQuade, Vancouver - Donation of a keyboard


Mary Fowles Photo/Video is interested in partnering with International organizations on projects that benefit the lives of  inner city Jamaican youth ages 17-25. We are particularly interested in partnerships that support opportunities for youth in the areas of photography and music. 

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