Mary Fowles is an award-winning documentary storyteller whose work seeks to shed a light on dark corners, lend strength to quiet voices, and illuminate beauty. 
Mary grew up on Salt Spring Island, the unceded homeland and territories of the Penelakut, Saanich and Cowichan First Nations.  In the early 2000's Mary moved to Montreal where she stayed for over a decade, studied religion at McGill University and then obtained a graduate degree in journalism from Concordia. 

Mary's short documentary  film Welcome to Canada, premiered on the Atlantic and has been shown in festivals around the world. Her feature film Taxi Casablanca, which she wrote, produced and directed after meeting Casablanca's first female taxi driver, was broadcast on TV5 in 2009.  She has been awarded many artist grants including production grants from both the Canada Council for the Arts, and Quebec Council for the Arts.  In her last semester of journalism school Mary was one of four journalism students across Canada to be awarded with a journalism fellowship from the International Development Research Centre. 
Her written work and research often focuses on women's rights. Her feature article Roused from a Dream,  reported on the the creation of a women's lineage document in the Zen Buddhist tradition.  It was featured in Tricycle Magazine, the leading Buddhist review in the US. Her recent story for The Tyee published in February 2022 looks at one serious aspect of the hidden epidemic of intimate partner abuse in B.C.
Mary has worked and lived for an extended time in both Morocco and Jamaica. In Jamaica she created numerous photo essays and developed her street photography portfolio while working with inner city youth in the centre of Kingston. Honing her craft as an artist she brings together all the elements of storytelling she's learned over the years. 
In her spare time Mary works on documentary and street photography, travelling often between Vancouver, Canada and Kingston, Jamaica.  She is a member of the Vancouver Street Photography Collective. 

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