Book Signing 1942 Vancouver News-Herald

Vancouver Sun Jack Scott amazed himself yesterday when he took off and landed the Ercoupe, one of the newest of light planes, first time at the controls, at Sea Island Airport. Story ran December 7, 1946

"Packing his bag in preparation for his trip to the African scene is the Vancouver Sun's Jack Scott. He'll cover South Africa's turbulent elections for the Sun's readers. Filed March 18, 1953"

Vancouver Sun reporter Jack Scott on April 15, 1954.

Sergeant Jack Scott, a former Sun reporter and writer with the Directorate of Army Pubic Relations is see here just prior to his departure overseas with units of the Canadian Show. While overseas Scott will write a weekly half hour radio show for Canadian consumption. With him he carries a duffle bag, typewriter and brief case. File date March 24, 1944. Canadian Army Photo

Vancouver Sun columnist Jack Scott  and his family start a trailer tour of Canada. (L-R) Daughters Judy and Jill, Jack and wife Grace. Jack and his family will meander across the country and he will write about Canada as he finds it, in his daily columns. Filed May 31, 1950

Vancouver Sun columnist Jack Scott  with (L) his wife Grace  eldest daughter Judy, and (R) youngest daughter Jill as they celebrated her second birthday. The Scott family are on a cross Canada trailer trip. Jackwill file a daily column detailing their adventures. Filed June 6, 1950

Judy Scott, sister Jill, reporter/columnist Jack Scott and wife Grace. Vancouver Sun reporter Jack Scott in 1950.

June 1, 1950. Technical problems bedvil Sun columnist Jack Scott, he says today.  He had his first trailer taste of such bedvilment first night out on his Trans-Canada tour. Here Jack, sheltered from the downpour by Grace's gamp, tries his hand first time at anchoring his swaying home down for the night at Cultus Lake. No photog credit. For a John Mackie story.

Undated photo of Vancouver Sun reporter and columnist Jack Scott.

Vancouver Sun columnist Jack Scott on an assignment in South America. He found the thin air of Bolivia a bit hard to take but summoned the strength to snap a photo of some Llamas. Filed in library on June 13, 1956.

Jan. 15  1963 pic of Vancouver Sun columnist Jack Scott. For a John Mackie story.

Back of 1958 pic of Vancouver Sun columnist Jack Scott. For a John Mackie story.

Jack Scott Grouse 1949

Jack Scott Bolivia


July 24, 1961

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